Construction - Renovation - Thermal insulation - Redevelopment - all types of work from scratch to full implementation = ELBAU in Luxembourg

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Our company ELBAU has been present on the Luxembourg and German markets since 1996: our experience in construction, and the use of new technologies over the years, has given us a stable position in the competitive market of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Construction of residential and commercial buildings, preparing project documentation, engineering calculations, selection of high quality building materials, excavation work, making concrete structures of any complexity, erection of supporting structures, any kind of construction work. It is all about us!

We renovate flats and houses in compliance with technical regulations and building codes. We carry out the most complex projects with all the necessary resources.

Reputation is not just word for us! Every service, every small and big step in construction meets the latest quality standards. Our employees are experts in their field, they love their job and are responsible for it and want the result to meet the expectations of our clients.

If you have doubts about the choice of materials, if you need an advice on interior or exterior decoration, if you have plans but don't know where to start or don't know the necessary budget... Talk to us! Our experts in the field of architecture, construction and decoration will gladly help and answer all your

Elbau will help you to quickly implement all your ideas, regardless of their size and complexity. Effectively, objectively and at no extra cost! Save time, effort and money when searching for materials - we have everything you need!

Wide range of materials and services - reasonable prices - efficient and quality service - we are proud to offer it all to our customers!

ELBAU is a guarantee of quality and durability!



Valentin Diderich - Director

Valentin Diderich - Director

Valentin has experience in the construction of residential and commercial facilities since 1996 in the markets of Germany and Luxembourg.

Professional manager, manager, administrator who is independently ready to perform work at any stage of construction.

Valentine also specializes in independent appraisal of real estate when buying and investing.

Anna Tchapalova - Accounting expert

Anna Tchapalova - Accounting expert

Comptanna   S.à r.l.-S
Cabinet Accounting expert

Tetyana Pervozvanska - architect

Tetyana Pervozvanska - architect

Tetyana Pervozvanska, a certified architect, has more then 10 year experience in Luxembourg. Tetyana is founder and managing partner of the architecture studio Arcotep.

Tetyana prepares all necessary documentations for obtaining necessary building permits and authorizations. Apart from that, Tetyana specializes in interior design.


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