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The team returned from summer vacation

The team returned from summer vacation and got to work. We will be glad to meet our existing and new clients.

New order

We have received a new order for the renovation of a public facility. A team of our specialists will repair the fitness club. We will post detailed information about the object later.

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We are pleased to inform you that our site has undergone changes and now we have the opportunity to leave feedback. 

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The construction of residential and commercial projects, development of engineering plans, engineering calculations, selection of high-quality building materials, skilled workers, earthwork, the manufacture of beton structures of any complexity, the construction of bearing structures, any type of construction works.


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Our company "ELBAU" has been operating on the Luxembourg and German markets since 1996, we are interested in mutually beneficial relationships and in the long run, they trust us.



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Our team employs certified specialists who are able to complete projects on time and with a guarantee of German quality.



We have been transforming the ideas and visions into award-winning projects.

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Exclusive Service

Elbau, with more than 10 years of experience in Germany and Luxembourg, carries out full range of works regarding construction, repair and development of new residential and commercial projects. Our work is guarantor of German quality and top level execution in the shortest terms.

New constructions

Independent expertise in the evaluation of real estate and land upon purchase.




Elbau proposes the repair of housing and a construction service carried out by a team of professionals, trusted in their capacity, knowing their price and being responsible for the result.

Development and Real Estate Agency

Development, full circle of construction of new residential and commercial facilities, real estate agency.

Our projects

Recommended Recent Projects

Construction of a residential house in Germany for 8 apartments. 





Details of the house, 300 square meters in Mertzig. Constructed in 2018



Очень рада, что мы выбрали именно эту компанию! Дом строим с апреля, буквально на днях закончили очередной этап. За полгода у нас готовы фундамент, перекрытия, стены и крыша. Пока что качество работ отличное. Кроме того, директор компании по нашей просьбе отправляет фотографии того, как идет стройка. Удобно.
Обратился в эту компанию для постройки дома. Типовой проект дома у меня уже был, но мне хотелось внести туда некоторые изменения. Здесь без проблем согласились это сделать, и мой типовой проект уже получается стал индивидуальным. Я увидел в этой строительной компании явный профессионализм и понимание своего дела и уже подписал с ними договор на строительство дома. Особенно мне понравилось, что нету здесь этой волокиты, когда различные мелочи решаются неделями, вопросы здесь решают быстро и без затягиваний. Я даже и не ожидал, но смету они рассчитали для меня бесплатно.
Igor Pavlish
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We have been transforming the ideas and visions into award-winning projects.

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